The Many Benefits of Workplace Mentoring


A workplace mentoring program is a great way to train new hires and bring them up to speed on company culture. It has many other benefits as well, some financial, some more intangible. If your company doesn’t have one already, then you should get one started. Workplace mentoring can…

Increase Efficiency

A workplace mentoring program increases efficiency. It allows new hires to learn while on the job. This means they are getting things done instead of spending their time in training seminars and lectures. Workplace mentors allow employees with questions to get them solved right away, which makes them more productive.

Develop Future Leaders

Good leaders aren’t born, they’re made. When a leadership position opens up in many companies, they hire outside leadership talent and hope they are actually are talented, and a good fit. This can be something of a gamble. With a workplace mentoring program, your company can help potential leaders in low positions learn how to be the kinds of leaders your company needs from experienced company mentors. They will be far better suited to take over future leadership roles than any outside hire.

Improve the Fit of New Hires

A workplace mentor can show new hires how the job is done, of course, but mentoring is not just another type of workplace training program. Just as importantly, a mentor can show the mentee how things are done at the company, all of the unwritten rules the office is run by. A mentor knows the personalities and quirks of the people the mentee works with, and can show the mentee how to fit in with all of that. Improving how new hires fit into the company culture helps the company run more smoothly, and gives the new hires the confidence and knowledge they need to really succeed.

Improve Workplace Morale

Workplace mentoring boosts workplace morale. A mentor not only helps mentees with their work problems, they can help them with the more intangible issues, like job satisfaction and smoothing over conflicts. This helps mentees feel better about being at work, and enthusiasm is contagious.

Increase Retention

Starting a new job is not easy. In fact, it can be incredibly stressful. New hires can easily feel overwhelmed, unsure of exactly what they should be doing. This can cause them to worry about meeting expectations, and if they do not receive any guidance, this worry can cause them to go and look for a job they might do better with. A mentor can remind the mentee that making a few mistakes won’t get them fired. A mentor can be a source of calm and wisdom, giving advice that can help the new hire get through this period of anxiety and stress. This can really improve your company’s retention rate, making sure your company always has the benefit of experienced employees instead of a constant parade of inexperienced new hires.

The Takeaway

Workplace mentoring benefits new hires, long term employees, prospective leaders, and the company as a whole. It is an ideal approach for businesses of all types and sizes.