Creative App Ideas for your Restaurant Business


When popular eCommerce companies delivered their customers’ stuff right at their doorstep, restaurant owners also thought, “why can’t we do this!”. And this is how popular food delivery apps, Zomato and Swiggy were born.

In this advanced technological world, smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. There’s nothing that or smartphone can’t do. For businesses, this tiny device has helped them a lot when it comes to enhancing their profit. If you have just started a restaurant business and want to earn a huge profit out of it, then we suggest you have a restaurant app for your business.

There is no doubt in the fact that having a mobile app for your restaurant business will not only help you in increasing your profit but also; it will help you in creating a strong mobile presence. A lot of restaurant app development companies advised how well your business will do if you put the right marketing efforts along with your restaurant’s app. Here are some stats that will explain how restaurant app development is the best decision you will be taking for your business.

According to research, 60% of the local searches on a mobile convert into buying customers within an hour. As a matter of fact, Starbucks, a leading coffee selling company, surveyed that 16% of their transactions are done through an app. This means if someone is going to a physical store to buy a cup of coffee, $1.6 billion from $10 billion in revenue is done via mobile.

Whenever a user visits your website on their mobile phone, they are likely to be looking for your phone number, hours of operation, menu, and store location. Let me ask you a question since you can do all these things with your mobile-friendly website; it is totally worth spending your dough on a restaurant app development. When you are deciding to build a mobile app for a restaurant business, assure you integrate those functions which your website can not do.

A report by a national association or restaurant suggests that a huge amount of customers under 45 use a mobile app to order a meal or make a reservation. A restaurant app development costs anywhere from $99 to $499 and beyond; depending on the type of app.

After all this, I can finally say that it is completely safe and reliable to develop an app for your restaurant business. Below are some creative ideas which you can use in your app development process.

1. Location-based deals

Let’s take Apple’s iBeacon, for instance. It is a small device you can set up in your neighborhood to send push notifications and deals to the people in your location’s proximity to attract them to your restaurant during mealtime.

Apart from that, you can use a person’s GPS setting to notify you where they are and send them relevant deal information if you have more than one location.

Let’s take Bookatable, for example. They also started using iBeacon kind of technologies in 119 of their participating London restaurant. They send push notifications to the users of the app who walked within a 50-meter radius of one of their restaurants.

2. Convert your app into a VIP experience

People use applications because of the ease of use; they give them back some time in their day (aside from if it’s a game). Guarantee you are focusing your application on in what capacity may it improve their experience? Does it make your commitment program less complicated for them to join?

Empower them to make a reservation or drop it. Never require a customer to lose a setup for a phase one of a kind in connection to the one they made it on, or you’ll manufacture your no-show rate.

There are a couple of convenient stages worked for the sincerity business that is inside and out endeavoring to empower you to do different things with their applications. Why not unite what all of them are offering into your very own application?

Here are some of the things most of the popular apps are doing for their restaurant:

  • Accepting reservations
  • Accepting take-out orders
  • Permitting customers to create tabs and pay for them later
  • Online wine menus at the table with in-depth details than just the name and price
  • Taking feedback at the end of the meal in the form of a survey
  • Offering interactive menus with more in-depth descriptions of the menu, etc.

3. Allow small restaurants to take part in your app

By making reservations through an application, a representative who takes phone reservations can be permitted to do other work. A busy waiter or waitress who makes telephone orders for take-out can concentrate on arranged guests and streamlining in-house ordering with the help of an app will shield guests from being anxious and exasperated in case they should hold up too long after they’re arranged.

Menus can be updated quickly, and guests can compose menu things by worth, get-up-and-go, or top picks. Bistro owners can pursue their most outstanding dishes and exercises.

Restaurant applications are helping independent small business owners and little bistros and others to have a touch of slack over the test and with smartphones use predicted to reach more than one billion by 2014. The application is a productive system for boosting steadfastness with existing guests and drawing new ones to end up familiar with you.

Final verdict

These were some of the creative ideas which you can use for your restaurant app. If you are seeking the best app development service in the industry, it is best advised that you should contact a company that provides excellent restaurant app development services.

They have a team of skilled high-qualified developers who are experts in grabbing all their clients’ needs. They use their skills and years of experience to give outstanding restaurant app development services to their customers.